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ByJean Walls

Logistics Award

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Tim Jones, warehouse manager at Williams Logistics, Tupelo, was recently awarded the 2015 Award for Excellence in Warehousing and Distribution on behalf of Steve Berkowitz, Executive VP/Director of Supply Chain and Isaac Ravitz, Assistant Supply Chain Manager, for All American Poly Corporation based in New Jersey. In 2015, All American Poly was working with 15 public warehouses around the country (today it is now 17). All American Poly established criteria (Key Performance Indicators) to help them identify facilities that were doing well and those that need improvement. Those Key Performance Indicators included, but not limited to: responsiveness to order acknowledgement, paperwork both inbound and outbound, order accuracy and inventory accuracy. Credit was also given for the amount of customers handled, amount of SKU’s handled, same day service and catching All American Poly mistakes. Out of the 15 warehouses, Tim’s warehouse was one of the Top 3 performers. Williams Transfer and Storage was established in 1940 as a moving and storage company and over the years has branched into logistics, commercial warehousing, supply chain management, order fulfillment, distribution services, and freight transportation.