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The Places You’ll Go! New Home – New Favorites

Summer has come to a close, and with it, the moving industry’s busiest season. As the days become shorter and college football kicks off, families who have recently relocated adjust to a new normal: parents settle into new jobs, kids make friends at their new schools and life in a new town officially begins! If you’ve recently moved, chances are you have already located the grocery store, the nearest pizza delivery, and perhaps the closest Starbucks. But the real fun begins as you uncover the unique treasures of your new hometown. Let your phone be your guide to great restaurants, fun places to take the kids, and the best nightlife.

How to meet new friends when you move to a new town

Get Connected! New Home – New Friends

If you’re like most people who move to a new city, finding the best places your new home has to offer was one of your first (and most fun) priorities. Maybe you’ve settled on the perfect place for pasta and are excited about the cozy coffee shop just down the street from work. You’re off to a great start, but like most things in life, everything is better when you have great friends to share it with! And while finding your new favorite hangouts was a fun adventure, finding the friends to share them with may seem more daunting. To make it a little easier, try this short list of prompts and get busy connecting!