Tis the Season to Declutter

ByJean Walls

Tis the Season to Declutter

Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us! If you’re getting ready to move  – or simply preparing for the rush of activity (and gifts) this time of year brings – now is the perfect time to remove the extra clutter from your home.

“Simplifying” has become a buzzword in the last few years, and many websites and books have been dedicated to the idea of getting rid of things that we no longer need or love. Besides being on-trend, tossing a few things out is the perfect way to prepare for a move.

Pack Less, Save Money

One benefit of decluttering your home before moving is that it can save money. Packing things you do not use only adds to the total weight of your move, so why not lighten your load?
That ice cream maker you meant to use, the waffle iron that’s never been plugged in, or that toaster oven in the back of the cabinet are perfect candidates for decluttering; they are heavy and they take up space.

Souvenirs, knick-knacks, books and novelties such as half-burned scented candles should also be on the list. If you foster a genuine sentimental attachment to an item, by all means, keep it. Otherwise, you’re just adding weight and bulk, and remember – you’ll have to find somewhere to put it in your new space.

Clothes should also be aggressively targeted. Obvious tosses are things that don’t fit and items that trigger a “What was I thinking?” response. But don’t forget to spend some time on the less-obvious tosses, those items you’re just not sure about. Ask yourself (and answer honestly) how often you pass over the item and if you’d spend money to own it again if it came up missing. Try to develop an “If I don’t adore it, it can’t make the trip!” policy.

Make Unpacking a Joy

Imagine the feeling of opening box after box to discover only your favorite things, then excitedly searching for just the perfect place in your new home for your most-loved treasures. That is by and large the result of decluttering before your move.

As you’re unpacking, though, be sure to save a few boxes for even more tosses. There will almost certainly be items you’ll discover just don’t have a place in your new surroundings – or that you simply don’t love enough to bother with!

Make Way for the Holidays

Whether moving or not, getting rid of clutter in your home is one of the best preparations for the holiday season. Not only does it make room for the influx of gifts that are sure to come, but it makes cleaning and organizing your space so much easier, making holiday gatherings a breeze.

Whatever your motivation, take a little time to free your home of its extra weight. Here are a few great links from realtor.com for more tips!



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